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  • Colleen Dyson Testimonial

    "I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your classes. I am a first time user only since January and am now convinced that I can paint landscapes. I am a die-hard still life and florals painter in oils and can't wait to get at some landscapes."
  • Holly B. Testimonial

    "My work and ability to 'see' has improved considerably in these 3 months. Heart-felt thanks for a great student/teacher relationship here in real-time cyber space!!"
  • Jan Burton Testimonial

    "Since watching your class, I look at my old paintings and see what I did wrong. I had no idea there is a 'melodic line' that conveys to the viewer in a positive way. Thanks for this eye opener and all the other gems."
  • Jimmy Sun Testimonial

    "Your classes have answered my two big questions which I have searched answers of for years. One is why master pieces have strong attractions. Another is how can I do to make my paintings more attractive. Thank you very much."
  • Linda MacGregor Testimonial

    "I've been teaching art for more than 20 years and, after spending approximately 60 hours with Johannes during his weekend classes, I feel like I should start over again. Wonderful teacher, wonderful teachings!!"
  • Melissa Bellows Testimonial

    "I so appreciate your solid teaching on composition! Your enthusiasm for sharing this information is obvious. Thank you so much!"
  • Rae Smith Testimonial 7

    "I have learned more in the past 12 weeks than I have in the 50 years I have been a pastel painter. You have a way to impress the knowledge you impart into my thick skull!! So happy I took the class."
  • Reija Helminen Testimonial

    "I feel fortunate and privileged for having participated in your fantastic Webinar art class. Your unique, professional teaching has opened my eyes: I see, think and paint in a totally new way, and I've learned from you more than I ever have of the huge pile of art books I studied!"
  • Randy Keenan Testimonial

    "I've enjoyed your Wet Canvas lessons. The information on composition has been fabulous for me as a photographer and a fiber artist. What you say makes perfect sense. I started dabbling in watercolor and your guidance has given me the confidence that 'I too can do this'."
  • Rosemary Sexton Testimonial

    "My landscape attempts always seemed to be lacking that special spark. Your online workshop has shown me how in so many ways I was missing the mark. I can’t thank you enough for opening up a whole new genre for me!"
  • Shirley's Testimonial

    "I struggled for years with composition, value, color harmony, etc. Then I stumbled upon your Wet Canvas Webinar and, presto, within weeks things just clicked. The foreign became the familiar. You have given me the tools to create and blossom. Thank you ever so much!"
  • Susan Wall Testimonial

    "I am so impressed with what he has to offer and very sad that I wasn't able to do the whole course. He is amazing! I would tell anyone that if you want to learn how to paint landscapes....this is the man to do it with."











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Online Art Classes

Do you feel stuck in your painting? Do you find yourself second guessing what your next step will be?

Even if you have never painted or painted a little, how about starting your art with a good foundation?

We all rely on photos to develop our paintings, but how much of the information should we include or edit?

Johannes Vloothuis, an award winning professional artist has found the way to verbalize in simple understandable terms the "Science of Art Beauty". When 7 main principles are intellectualized you will solve all compositional problems in your paintings. Several of our students have won prestigious awards and art teachers all over the world are adopting his techniques.

Currently, Johannes is an official instructor under contract for FW Media Inc., the world's largest publisher of  art books, Northlight, as well as the prominent, The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist and Pastel Journal.  See the endorsement in the Artist's Magazine here. These are sold in bookstores everywhere in the world. Northlight Books named Johannes, "a master painter".  He is also endorsed by the PanPastel company.  Amongst the students we have, are included art instructors and professional artists from all over the world seeking to get some tips to improve their paintings. If you want to do more beautiful paintings, give us a try. Join the 100's of attendees that have taken our class. Listen to Johannes as he thinks out loud during live demonstrations while you see how he mixes paint in real time..

Johannes has appeared on prime time news CTV, Canada's largest TV station. Watch here!

Read dozens of 5 star reviews from students here  

Paint along 15 starts Nov 29

Follow Johannes' steps in a relaxed informal online studio environment. Strengthen your painting skills with 4 hours of painting fun for three Saturdays. He will start a painting from scratch and finish it in real time while you watch, “over his shoulder and hear him think out loud” and if you want, you will be able to complete your own art creation as well by painting along. During the class you will receive verbal techniques, color combinations, professional secrets, and instructions to guide you along the way. Watch as he mixes color in real time. If you miss a part of the class or cannot make it one day, don't worry, the classes will be recorded and available for download at no extra cost, so you miss nothing. One demo will be in oils, another in watercolor and another in pastels. No matter what medium you use, you will benefit from acquiring the “keys” to successful paintings. 12 hours of top quality art instruction!

TIME: 1:00 to 5:00 PM EST (The class may extend more than 4 hours)
DATES: 3 Saturdays: Nov 29, Dec 6 & 13
WHERE? From the comfort of your home
HOW MUCH? $18.99

If you do not get a video link right after you pay email us your receipt. Also for all customer service:
Requirements: High speed internet 

How would you like to watch a free live demo painting  with a relatively new medium, PanPastel on Nov 22 at 1 PM EST?  We will not ask you for any personal information. Just click here the day of the event. In case you cannot attend live, the recording will be available at the same link that you can watch any time.

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